How To Grow A Large List Of Responsive Buyers With Just One Evergreen Marketing Campaign!

The proof I’m going to show you below may be SHOCKING…

Because it shows you why the beloved “tripwire offer” — an ultra-low-priced product — is no longer the easiest way of acquiring new customers from paid traffic in 2017.
In fact, I would go as far to say…

The use of a tripwire offer, today, is the exact reason why lots of marketers are still unable to consistently get new customers from cold traffic.

The PROOF Is In The Numbers!

It’s been said, “The lower the price of your offer, the easier it is to get a prospect to buy.”

While that may be true in most cases, what it doesn’t take into account in 2017 is the rapidly rising cost of buying traffic… the greater expense of getting people to your website… and the higher costs of acquiring a new customer, today.

From the time the “tripwire offer” was first introduced to our market — many years ago — things online have changed significantly…

As you know, almost all sources of traffic are now loaded with more competition and are therefore more expensive than ever before.

In fact, over the last decade…
The Average Cost Per Click

What’s the reason for this rise in costs? And why will they only continue to go higher and higher?

The answer is simple: There’s more competition for traffic because there are more online businesses than ever before.

According to Forbes… 543,000 New Businesses
Are Started EVERY Year!

And as we know, as demand goes up for the same traffic supply… costs rise. The whole Law of Supply and Demand thing.

All else being equal, what this means is that it’s significantly more expensive today for us to acquire a new customer.

If the costs to get a click have quadrupled, that means unless your sales conversion rate has also increased by 4X, it now costs a heck of a lot more to make a sale to a new customer.

“So what”, you may be thinking.

“How does that change anything if I’m trying to use a Tripwire offer to get new customers?”

Lets say you are paying $2.00 per click.
For a 1,000 clicks. Even at an 8% conversion rate (which is pretty darn impressive) for a $7 tripwire…

That’s $2,000 in ad spend to generate 80 new customers, totaling $560 in sales…

Even if your upsell sequence crushes and you DOUBLE your revenue with upsells, you are still at only $1120.

You are down -$880!

You cannot scale because you are acquiring customers at a pretty stiff loss.

What’s your SOLUTION?

You need to really master the ability to acquire new customers from cold traffic with an actual offer, not a $7 tripwire… this may be a $200 or a $2000 offer.

Once you can successfully do this, acquiring real customers at your actual price points, the game radically changes for you. And you can scale fast.

If you want help generating new customers every single day with just ONE marketing campaign, I will show you the exact campaign we are using here. Grab a free spot:

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