Discover The ONLY “Client Getting” Funnel You Will Ever Need To Attract High Paying Coaching Clients…

If you can follow a few simple steps then you can duplicate a process that gets 5-7 clients weekly! R.S.V.P here for the training and see how →

Enrolling new clients into your coaching or consulting business can be easily accomplished without hard selling, blogging, cold calling or any other traditional client marketing tactics that don’t really work anymore. There’s a much more effective and strategic process for getting 5-7 new clients per week!

If I shared this strategy with you even though it’s very different and out of the box from what you have been taught would you be open to testing it and let the results speak for themselves?

Then I would like to present to you what I call the “TeleFunnel Method™” this is a proprietary client generation strategy that can help explode any coaching, consulting or service based business.

The best part is it only requires a simple 4-page site that can easily be duplicated and I’m going to show you exactly how I do it step by step!

I’m holding a FREE training where I’ll take walk you through the “TeleFunnel Method™” so it can be easily replicated in your business without complicated software, confusing funnels or anything “NINJA”….

I love NINJA’s but you shouldn’t have to be one in order to get clients who are excited and happy to work with you, right?

In fact through our testing we discovered that clients respond better to a simple process that makes it easy for them to connect and work with you instead of complex NINJA funnels, and that’s what I’ll be sharing with you on the training this week.

So here’s the deal R.S.V.P for the training by clicking this link → and check your email for confirmation!

Please be sure to have a pen and paper handy because there are going to be some ideas and very specific things you’ll want to write down so you can immediately apply and start seeing results with after attending!

-Alex Jeffreys

P.S. If you have found this post useful and know others who may benefit be sure to comment and tag them in the post

P.P.S Once the webinar is completed and you still have questions feel free to message me on our page, and I’ll be sure to respond!

R.S.V.P By Clicking The Link →

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