How to Scale Your Agency to $80K/mth Running Facebook Ads for Clients!

One of the really big problems about running Facebook ads for clients is that it’s really hard to know how to price yourself properly so that you can actually scale and be a business OWNER instead of working in the trenches!

I myself was stuck for over three years in the freelancer stage – while I was making $10K per month I really struggled with hiring someone – I knew I needed more revenue to hire a team member but in order for me to have this revenue I needed more clients... it was a vicious cycle and one I couldn’t figure out how to break free from.

Not only that, but trying to get help from Facebook themselves for my campaigns was a nightmare, I had no idea if what I was doing was right or wrong, and had no one to turn to when my campaigns weren’t doing so well.

Fast forward three years and Eight Loop is now one of the top Facebook Ads Agencies, we have a team of eight, we get to work with some of the biggest brands and entrepreneurs out there and are now tracking six figure months.

But it wasn’t always like this – if I had known what I know now I would have saved myself so much headache, wrinkles and heartache and would be $600,000 RICHER for it.

Join me in this free workshop, where I’ll show you:

– How to land Facebook Ad clients, and the funnel that I used to scale to $100K+/mth within 4 months

– The three ways to price your services, and how to grow so that you can hire your first staff member and build a proper agency

– How to get easy results for your clients at virtually no risk to you


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